4 Secrets Of Whats App You Never Know

Sender does not know you read the message

Sometimes,we want to see the message but at the same time doesn’t want that sender came to know about that.Although, reason may be that sender always put you down,and he/she wants something urgently[ Aha…that’s up to you].Here below I mention some steps to follow.

  1. Turn on the flight mode on your phone.
  2. Read the whats app message
  3. Now, turn on the flight mode again.
  4. No, blue ticks will appear and the sender will not know that you have read his/her whats app message.

BoldItalics, Strikethrough

In our friends group,sometimes it became difficult to draw everybody’s attention on a certain situation,all are spamming in group.so,your opinion must stand  tall,it became easier through bold text in Whats App, use an asterisk (*bold*).you will also use other special message text as well to  italicize text with an underscore (_italicize_); Strikethrough text with tildes (~strikethrough~).To change the font of your Whats App messages, use the ` symbol three times either side of the word. For example, “`Hello“`.

Make your personal group to save notes,tasks,private data

The most intelligent use of a whats app group to save our private media on your phone and computer as well.With Whats App Web and desktop you can transfer files between your phone and computer with relative ease by sending them to yourself in a message.

  1. The easiest way to self-message is to create a group with one friend and then delete them from it.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer using the QR code on Whats App Web or desktop.
  3. Send a file from your phone and watch it appear on your computer.
  4. To save a file to your computer click on it and tap the download icon.

Export a conversation

You can export a conversation should you need to save it. When viewing a conversation, Android users need to tap on the Menu button followed by More > Email Chat.

On an iPhone, the process involves viewing a chat thread, tapping on a contact at the top of the screen, then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact Info page and selecting Export Chat.

Both devices give you the option to export with or without media attached.

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